L2Fusion New Interlude Mid-Rate server L2OFF

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L2Fusion New Interlude Mid-Rate server L2OFF

Mensaje  ozer el Dom Feb 05, 2012 5:48 pm

Server Machine

Processor Model: Intel Core™ i7
RAM Count: 16GB DDR3
Hard Drives: SSD 120 GB
Internet Connection: 1 Gbps

Rates Information

Chronicle: Interlude
Experience: 55x
Skill Points: 55x
Adena: 200x
Enchant Rate Fighter: 50%
Enchant Rate Mage: 40%

Custom Information

Shopping Area - Giran Castle Town

Boosted Areas - Varka Silenos Outpost & Ketra Orc Outpost

Subclass System - Custom system, players need to hunt Toi - 3, 8, 11 and obtain an item from them in order to become subclass. Toi Raids respawn time is 1 hour and players can directly port to them.

Noblesse System - Retail like quest, lunargent and hellfire can be found in GM Shops, Barakiel respawn time 2 hours.

Fusion Armor - Little bit higher stats than normal s grade armors, to keep the game more interesting and fun.

NPC Buffers - 1st, 2nd and 3rd class buffs can be found at the NPC Buffer, except resists. Buffs last 2 hours.

GM Shops & Global Gatekeepers - GM Shops up to S grade and Global portal around the world.

Boosted Raid Bosses - varka's chief horus, varka's hero shadith, varka's comander mos, ketra's chief baraki, ketra comander tayr, ketra's hero hekaton dropping Fusion Armor parts, clan eggs and more, respawn time 12 hours +/- 30 minutes.

Combat Reward System - Each time a player wins a pvp or pk he will get rewarded with an coin that can be exchanged for fun items.

lineage2fusion . c o m


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